Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds

As Garner continues to grow, maintaining and enhancing connectivity and mobility—both for vehicles and pedestrians—will remain a critically important objective for the Town. The Town plans to use a strategic approach that will enable it to use local funding to leverage more state and regional funding to address roadway congestion issues. Town leaders also know that residents want an extensive sidewalk network that provides connectivity among Garner’s neighborhoods, schools, parks, trails and greenways, and retail areas.

The Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds, totaling up to $24.05 million, would enable:

  1. investment in road projects including additional widening and improvements along Jones Sausage Road north of East Garner Road;
  2. installation of new sidewalks to improve connectivity (some connector projects along Aversboro, Garner and Bryan Roads have been identified; other projects are awaiting prioritization);
  3. and development of infrastructure to support local bus transit within Garner.